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Why Blast Freezing is Essential for High-Quality Fish

Posted by MPR on October 30, 2023

Blast freezing is a terrific way to keep seafood fresher and tastier for much longer. If you know anything about how this freezing process was developed, it actually came from the fishing industry.

Our refrigeration company specializes in blast or “flash” freezing equipment that you can use for an array of preservation purposes. Today, we’d like to elaborate on what it can do for seafood markets, restaurants, and fisheries.

Blast Freezing for Seafood

The inventor of blast freezing, Clarence Birdseye, discovered the concept while watching fishermen pull fish out of the water in freezing arctic climates. The fish would freeze very quickly, which has significant preservative advantages.

Whenever you blast freeze something, it occurs so fast that the liquid doesn’t have the chance to crystallize. That means it also won’t melt or affect product texture once it thaws again. This works with all kinds of livestock and produce, but plays an especially significant role with fish by allowing the meat to maintain its malleable texture.

Our company allows you to do this for seafood without having to go fishing in sub-zero arctic temperatures. We make shock freezers, for commercial purposes, that operate at a rate of 19,000 BTUS at -30F, capable of freezing seafood rapidly. Some of our previous clients have tested our equipment on lobster, using our method versus Nitrogen freezing, and found blast freezing to deliver far superior results. 

Benefits of Blast Freezing with Seafood Items

  • Better Product Safety - By freezing quickly and eliminating most of the crystallization effect, this allows you to minimize bacteria multiplication.
  • Less Spoilage - A lower bacteria count means your seafood products won’t spoil as fast. Blast freezing is an optimal solution for either fresh product or long-term frozen storage.
  • Better Quality - This also lets you maintain both the texture and nutrients in seafood. Therefore, you won’t have to downgrade the product you’ve had in your inventory so soon.
  • Longer Shelf Life - There are many seafood species, like yellowfin tuna, which last much longer when they’re frozen.

Discover More about Blast Freezing with Modern Portable Refrigeration

Either way you look at it, blast freezing is one of the most dependable ways to minimize waste and improve the volume of seafood yield you can sell to customers.

The team at Modern Portable Refrigeration can help you procure the most efficient and effective blast freezing equipment for your seafood store, restaurant, or processing facility. Contact us anytime to learn more about blast freezing and more by calling 860-990-2661.

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