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What is the Blast Freezer’s Working Principle?

Posted by MPR on April 28, 2023

Blast freezing is a terrific technology that allows food producers, medicine suppliers, and other critical businesses to freeze or chill products faster and safer. This is an instrumental way to get meats and other foods cold, avoid microbial growth, extend shelf life, and improve quality.

How Does Blast Freezing Work?

If you want to comprehend the principle of blast freezing, then contrast it with what happens with moisture during traditional (slower) freezing. When you freeze something at a gradual or normal pace, the water in food will crystallize slowly.

This isn’t a problem right away, but once those water crystals thaw, they’ll melt and alter the food’s texture and taste. This is the primary reason consumers prefer fresh foods over frozen, because the product never tastes (or looks) as good as it once did.

However, through blast freezing, you can almost eliminate the problem by increasing the freezing rate rapidly. Blast freezing, which involves running products through high-powered, air-blown chilling equipment, does the job much faster, thus preventing water crystallization in foods. This is the best chance to chill products, keep them as fresh as possible (but still cold), before shipping them to grocery stores or other customers.

Can You Overdo It with Blast Freezing?

Yes, it’s always possible to over-freeze something, which is why you have to monitor freezing equipment. It helps to purchase blast freezers with built-in monitoring and quality-control systems. Then, all you have to do is make sure not to over-run a blast freezer with too much product all at once. 

Thankfully, however, this is an avoidable problem when you select heavy-duty blast freezers, like ours. You can even use this for hot products to take temperatures from over 100 degrees (Fahrenheit) to well below zero within a few hours.

Fantastic Blast Freezing Solutions with Modern Portable Refrigeration

Our blaster freezers, also known as “shock freezers,” have a capacity to freeze products as low as -30 degrees thanks to 190,000 BTUs of chilling power. For a better perspective on that massive freezing potential, the BTUs on a home HVAC system get to only 50,000 BTUs.

We also make holding freezers with advanced “all-electric” Carrier™ cooling technology. All of this gives commercial businesses and industrial companies several options for obtaining the most reliable freezing in almost any manufacturing environment.

So, if you’re ready to upgrade your company’s freezing and chilling technology, then consider the modern innovations from Modern Portable Refrigeration. We’re headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, and serve several industries with blast freezing and portable refrigeration solutions. You can find out more about everything we offer by calling us anytime at 860-990-2661.

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