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Three Industries That Benefit from Blast Freezing & Frozen Storage

Posted by MPR on August 17, 2023

Blast freezing and frozen food storage are two essential elements for several diverse industries and sectors. Whether you’re trying to preserve large quantities of beef, pork, seafood, and poultry, or need to keep medicines from spoiling, this technology fulfills many needs. Today, we’d like to highlight the most common industries we serve, and why they benefit from using our first-class blast freezing equipment.

Retail Food Businesses

We’ve worked with many retail food companies that depend on frozen food storage while holding thousands of pounds of product. Since it takes heavy-duty equipment to reach the right temperature for frozen foods, you can’t take chances with faulty machinery. This is essential for larger grocery stores selling everything from ice cream and other dairy goods all the way to frozen pizzas, hams, and other expensive meats.

Post-Harvest Storage for Meat Processors, Fruits, Veggies, & More 

Speaking of meat, that’s another item you must handle carefully if you want any chance at maintaining a long shelf-life. For poultry, beef, pork, and other livestock, it’s important to freeze them (sometimes to negative temperatures) to ensure they’ll last up to a year. This is most important for any meat processor that would market their products overseas. Freezing can also be a lucrative resource for fruit/veggie harvesters and distributors.

Medicines & Other Pharmaceutical Products 

Do you run a pharmaceutical plant that produces insulin, vaccines, injectables, liquid antibiotics, or eye drops? Then you know these items must meet strict temperature specifications to prevent them from perishing. This is especially relevant during this exceptionally hot summer weather we’re experiencing worldwide. Cold storage is just as important for organizations involved with the exchange of blood samples and other medicines. While small operations can preserve these items with small refrigerators and freezers, those won’t sustain much larger-scale operations.

Do you run a fast-paced business in one of these industries?

Then you can’t afford the downtime or resources wasted that result from insufficient freezing methods. That’s why we wish to help you finally resolve the shortcomings of older freezing/preservation methods. Our company produces nothing but the best blast freezing machinery, capable of keeping your products at an appropriate storage temperature all the way until they reach your customers.

\Modern Portable Refrigeration has over 30 years of experience manufacturing reliable and long-lasting freezing and storage equipment. If you’d like to learn more about flash-freezing technology, or anything else we offer, then contact us anytime at 860-990-2661.

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