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The Safety of Blast Freezers

Posted by MPR on July 31, 2023

Food safety is a top concern among meat processors, bakeries, and other companies who come to us in search of better freezing equipment. It makes perfect sense, too. Frankly, if product safety wasn’t such a big deal, why else would we need to chill or freeze perishable items in the first place?

Here’s a reminder of what we mean by blast freezing, how it helps food/product safety, and other benefits to investing in top-quality machinery like ours.

Basic Principles of Blast Freezing

This is the approach to freezing, sometimes referred to as “shock” freezing, where you cool everything fast, bypassing the opportunity for water crystallization throughout the product. Instead of traditional freezing, where temperatures decline slowly, this method does the job efficiently, and with far less time for adulteration.

It’s an ideal strategy for cooling thousands of pounds of beef, poultry, seafood, beverages, or other perishable items faster. Thus, allowing you to get them out the door and fulfill orders.

Does Blast Freezing Promote Product Safety?

Yes, in fact, it’s much safer because blast freezing allows less time for bacteria (like salmonella, campylobacter, and listeria) to proliferate. Traditional freezing could take up to 24 hours to cool sufficiently, leaving a lot of opportunity for complications. This is especially true as you struggle to keep your processing facility and trucks cool during the scorching summer heat.

Other Important Benefits to Blast Freezing

  • Limit Product Waste - Wasted food is a depressing problem, sometimes. Some estimates show that the world wastes almost 1.5 billion tons of fresh fruits and veggies each year. Much of that comes from poor storage and refrigeration. We contend that there are ways around this problem by investing in better equipment.
  • Less Damage & Adulteration - Sometimes the crystallization from freezing may render products inedible. This means that traditional freezing, which is harder to control, creates even further waste problems.
  • Retain Nutrients - Along with improved food safety, blast freezing preserves ingredients better. That’s because when you flash freeze something, it keeps the same nutrient profile for a long time. This is definitely not the case with regular freezing systems after ice crystals thaw and affect food texture and taste.

We hope this helps you see some of the legitimate safety advantages to blast freezing. 

Are you struggling to realize your goals of less product spoilage, fewer customer/consumer complaints, and better freezing process efficiency?

Then Modern Portable Refrigeration would love to help you address this critical manufacturing component. Don’t let aging and unreliable freezers and reefer units continue to cause warm product complaints from your customers. Contact us today at 860-990-2661 to eliminate those issues, save money, and improve food safety.

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