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Seafood restaurants and markets have to devote substantial attention to the way they store products. Proper fish storage makes a world of difference between fresh and delicious items versus premature spoilage. We’d like to show you the best ways to make fish products last longer through the use of heavy duty refrigeration machinery.

Consider These Cold Storage Options for Your Seafood Shop

Modern Portable Refrigeration has many freezer shapes and sizes to accommodate any location, large or small

  • Commercial Blast Freezers - these allow seafood owners and manufacturers to chill thousands of pounds of seafood safely without losing freshness, texture, or malleability.
  • Ground Level 20′ Refrigerated Containers - capable of product temperatures below 0, or as high as 75 degrees.
  • Ground Level 40′ Refrigerated Containers - larger units, optimal for seafood warehouses and other large-scale operations.
  • Custom Refrigeration Containers - these work best for facilities with very specific spatial dimensions, obstacles, or other concerns.

We also offer several long-term storage options if you need to freeze your seafood products. For those purposes, please consider our ultra-low-temp freezers, ideal for storing seafood items for several months at a time. Those units get as cold as -85 degrees.

Advantages of Using Our Freezing/Refrigeration Units for Seafood

Whether you wish to sell tuna, salmon, lobster, or marlin, our premium equipment will help you obtain better product quality, reduce spoilage, and leave you with much greater peace of mind. Check out the most common reasons major seafood companies (like Pacific Seafood and Bornstein Seafoods) depend on us for refrigeration technology.


  • Blast freezing, which was originally developed in the seafood industry, is the most advanced chilling method available today, especially for limiting bacterial overgrowth.
  • Our storage units are very user-friendly thanks to GPS tracking, plenty of interior lighting, easy-open doors, and 24/7 maintenance support.
  • Not sure whether you’re ready to buy an electric-powered freezer unit? That’s not a problem because we carry both rental and purchasing models.
  • This enables stores, restaurants, and warehouses to manage their inventory more easily and never misplace products.

Contact Modern Portable Refrigeration to Learn More

Now is the time to learn all about our superior seafood storage services. Many businesses, like yours, have invested in this and saved lots of money in the long haul.

Modern Portable Refrigeration can help you finally extend the shelf life of everything you sell at a seafood restaurant or market. Contact us today to discover more by calling 860-990-2661.

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