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Say Goodbye to Extra Work with a Blast Chiller

Posted by MPR on September 12, 2023

As you already know, we’re major proponents of blast-chilling technology, especially for large-scale food, drink, and pharmaceutical production. While there are many effective ways to keep products cold, and each have their purpose, blast chillers have been very lucrative for high-volume companies for about a century.

There are many advantages to using the “flash” freezing method, capable of getting raw materials cold in a fraction of the time compared to traditional freezing. Here’s a quick look at the benefits you‘ll enjoy as either a food manufacturer, grocer, restaurant, bakery, or consumer.

Blast Chilling: Many Terrific Advantages

Reduce Food Waste Tremendously - It’s so frustrating and expensive to throw away spoiled meat because of temperature issues. Not only that, but what if your customers receive it that way? If they have to waste it, then you won’t make money, and they won’t be able to supply their operations. This could lead to strained relations, lost contracts, and other headaches. That’s why it helps to gain every advantage possible with preservation. Blast chillers are one of the best ways to achieve this early in your process.

Control Food Costs - What happens when you can flash freeze seasonal foods and keep them to use and sell any time of year? It makes it possible to sell them at a stable price all the time, thus eliminating all the wild price fluctuations in the old days. 

Extend Product Shelf-Life - If you don’t do anything to preserve products, then they have a drastically shorter shelf-life. Blast chilling, along with other cold-chain interventions, is essential for keeping perishable products around much longer.

Easier for Your Labor Team - Since blast chilling makes freezing faster and easier, it makes life much easier on your plant’s labor force. Other preservation methods, like applying wet ice or CO2, take much longer, require more employees, and involve more strenuous activity.

Safer for Consumers - Last but most certainly not least, blast chilling is the preferred method for preventing food contamination. Food safety hinges upon keeping products at an appropriate temperature to avoid the overgrowth of bacteria. Once the “total plate count” for bioorganisms reaches a critical level, it makes the product unfit for human consumption. Better freezing methods will counteract this problem.

So, those are just a few reminders of the essential benefits of blast-chilling technology.

If you’d like to introduce blast chillers into your facility (or replace existing equipment), then consider the services of Modern Portable Refrigeration. We’re the industry's best at designing durable freezing and chilling equipment, including blast chillers and refrigeration units for transit.

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