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Reduce Food Waste with Blast Freezing

Posted by MPR on June 30, 2023

Food waste is an expensive, frustrating, and demoralizing problem. When it happens to businesses, it can lead to lost revenue, dissatisfied customers, and inventory shortages. We’re here to show how you can minimize this problem substantially with modern blast freezing technology.

How Does Blast Freezing Work?

All sophisticated food/beverage companies utilize some freezing or chilling process to keep their products wholesome, durable, and transportable. Blast freezing is an effective alternative to traditional freezing because it eliminates the trouble of product crystallization. In our previous post, we explained how crystallization occurs when products freeze gradually, increasing the likelihood of spoilage, loss of freshness, and other qualitative deterioration.

Blast freezing happens fast enough to avoid crystallization, while keeping food and other products at optimal temperatures much longer. This is a crucial factor for businesses with complex supply chains, long delivery routes, and unpredictable summer temperatures.

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Primary Advantages of Blast Freezing for Less Spoilage

  • Reduce Spoilage Volume - This is a rudimentary consideration for any food manufacturer involved with the production of meat, fruit, frozen foods, dairy, or other perishable items. Blast freezing is one of the best ways to make sure your products are prepared to go from raw supply plants to further-processing locations, and ultimately to grocery stores.
  • Preserve Optimal Taste & Quality - If you can prevent crystallization and/or spoilage, then you’ll be in much better shape to offer great-tasting products. In today’s competitive food markets, everyone expects “fresh” items. That makes dependable refrigeration equipment almost mandatory.
  • Keep Your Clients Happy - Freezing and transportation is no simple matter in the summer, where you may have to contend with 90-degree heat or higher. If a reefer unit loses power, that could spell disaster. That’s why it's essential to possess the best freezing and refrigeration units for every step of the supply chain. If you do this, then you’ll enjoy a much better chance of fulfilling orders, and not have to apologize to clients over spoiled deliveries.

Find Spoilage Solutions with Blast Freezing from Modern Portable Refrigeration

Spoilage is an issue for many businesses across several industries. That’s why we work with organizations ranging from meat processors and bakeries to pharmaceutical companies and CBD makers to find effective refrigeration solutions. Of course, not every product involves freezing, which is why we take painstaking efforts to customize a solution most appropriate for your business.

You can find out more about blast freezing, chilling, and other preservative measures when you speak to a representative at Modern Portable Refrigeration. Contact us any time to learn more at 860-990-2661.

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