Rental Blast Freezers & Temporary Freezer Rentals

MPR offers temporary freezer rentals, refrigerator rentals, and refrigerated trailer rentals for industries of all types.

Offering the best freezing technology in North America, MPR has established itself as the only choice for refrigeration rentals. All refrigerator rentals and freezer rentals are delivered and configured by our team to operate with a simply and efficiently with ease. All MPR Blast Freezers are custom designed to your specific product needs, and work hard every day to freeze your product loads, quickly, thoroughly and competently. Blast freezer uses are as varied as our clients: meats, poultry, fish, baked goods, organic products, bait, scientific products requiring unique temperature control, and many others are just a few of our success stories. Our refrigerator and freezer fleet includes ground resting walk-in rentals and mobile trailer rentals, available in various sizes and operating temperatures. We also offer alternatives to plate freezing and tunnel freezing.

We are able to achieve the amazingly low temperatures with coil and compressor specifications that have been matched with your product loads: Our experienced freezer / refrigerated container staff, analyze your product for such variables as entry temperature, designed finish temperature, and desired time to reach target, ambient, frequency of entry and volume. Once completed, Modern Portable Refrigeration shares with you a solid projection with estimated “pull down” time for your precious product. Trust that once completed and operational, a MPR Blast Freezer will provide decades of reliable, portable service. Best of all, that’s at a fraction of the cost of a modular walk in style, or expensive permanent construction based unit and you will have the flexibility of mobility. If your facility needs change, or your location needs to move or expand, you can simply disconnect our freezer container unit (after properly preparing for stoppage, of course) and the unit can be moved, set up, and operational in hours.

MPR Blast Freezers are, put simply, the best and most economical option available in the market today. Call a member of our freezer staff and get a customized proposal: we promise, you’ll be impressed. We look forward to solving your freezing challenges.