MPR – Testimonials

As the owner and President of Micro Chem Company, I wanted to personally let you know how pleased that we are with the performance of the MPR Blast Freezers.

We had an immediate need that popped up that required Micro Chem to lease two (2) Blast Freezers for a few months.

At the time we were not very familiar with blast freezing, however MPR provided excellent insight into the operational capabilities of these blast freezers.

I am very pleased with the Service provided by Curt during the set up and the Performance of the blast freezers.

We were able to blast freeze our products down to -30 F in a very short period of time.

Thanks again Curt for the outstanding performance of the MPR Blast Freezers.
– Randy Connell, President – Adel, GA

I have been in the food industry for 50 years and in, and out, of Blast Freezers and I have never seen a Blast Freezer that works as well as this Shock Freezer

 – Ardalin Foods – Saddle Brook, NJ

Curt, We are very pleased with the 20′ blast freezer you built for us. It has allowed us to significantly expanded our production capacity and we have been pleasantly surprised by its efficiency. It has been a workhorse. In addition, we were very pleased with the speed of installation and your responsiveness to questions post installation. Thanks,

Paul Dobbins

From the moment we turned the system on, it has worked perfectly to blast freeze our whole fish to -30 degrees F. We are able to pack 20,000lbs of product per day, quickly and easily and most importantly, cost effectively.

– Karl Turner, President, A la Carte Foods

Hello Curt,

I wanted to thank you for all of your help in providing our company with a solution to our freezer needs. The 8ft. by 20 ft. container maintained it’s temperature, and gave us plenty of space to store our food. It was a pleasure working with you and your company. I will recommend your company to anyone in need of a portable refrigeration unit.


~Steven Boucher, Lapeer County Medical Care Facility, 810-664-8571 ext. 164

As a small perishables startup, our company was in need of our initial refrigerated storage. With too many options to consider, our main goal was to determine what set-up would fit within our budget now, what product would be trouble free during a time where there are too many other things to worry about, and ultimately, what would work the best for our product needs, while being flexible for our unknown path ahead. For many reasons, we ultimately chose to purchase multiple refrigerated shipping containers from Curt at MPR. Rather than having to be dead sure on configuration, as one would, if building a static room from scratch, we liked the fact that MPR’s units were portable, and could be moved, or repurposed as needed. We liked the “bullet-proof” structure that these units provide, whereas new panel rooms are a lot less forgiving during the frenzy of start-up, and we like the ability to rapidly cool from ambient, all the way down to even freezing, if needed, in a lot less time than a slab built unit could. Lastly, the price of entry for these turn-key, no-assembly required units was hard to deny, when compared to even a modestly-sized new, panel-type room.

Going this route, our main concern was how well the already decades-old units would hold up for us, considering that there was no traditional factory warranty. Another was that MPR is based in Connecticut, while our business is in PA. I’m happy to say that 2 ½ years later, our units are running as strong as ever and Curt has been with us every step of the way. From on-site set-up and training, to on-going technical support, the level of customer service provided by Curt has been top notch. Immediate response, exceptional product knowledge and a no-issue-too-small mentality has continually confirmed our decision to go through MPR for those crucial, initial refrigeration needs. Furthermore, as with any business, our goal was to grow, and with that came change. As a result, we have needed to move things around a bit, and these plug-and-play units let us do just that. Now they serve a different but equally as important purpose, and we are so glad that we went with MPR.

~Bill S., Company Owner, Pennsylvania

I’ve been around blast freezers all my life and I’ve never seen one push that much air, or get that cold, that fast.

~David Walker from Gulf American Fisheries

Dan’s Fish, Inc. has been in seafood business for more than 20 years and has found no comparable freezer equipment to that of Modern Portable Refrigeration 40 ft shock freezer. The unit provides essential quick freeze to time sensitive product, providing the frozen product to have the highest quality. Our company was also very impressed by the great service and cooperation of Modern Portable Refrigeration team. They are highly knowledgeable, easily to reach and very cooperative, providing great customer service.

~Dan Schwarz – President of Dan’s Fish, Inc.

I am a juice manufacturer. As you may know juice can be a tricky product to freeze in large batches due to the high amount of water and sugar,as well as being prone to degrade quickly.Curt worked with me extensively to make sure we were approaching the freezing of my product correctly. The results were impressive. We blast froze 18,000lbs of bulk juice within 20hrs. Once thawed, the product tastes as good as when it came off the press. I Spoke with everyone in the blast freezing business before using MPR and trust me when I say; you will not find a colder freezer or a company as helpful as MPR. Thanks Curt for all your hard work.

~Dan – Juice Manufacturer

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