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MPR: Offering the Most Powerful Portable Blast Freezers in the US

Posted by MPR on April 17, 2023

Do you own or manage a meat-packing or food-service business and need more reliable freezing and refrigeration equipment?

Whether you make ice cream, process beef/poultry, or need to transport temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, you can’t afford to play guessing games with your trucks’ reefer units.

Thankfully, there’s a more consistent and reliable way to keep products cold or frozen for longer periods when you use first-rate refrigeration equipment from MPR. Here’s a brief introduction on how our portable blast freezers will protect your products in transit.

Portable Blast Freezers from Modern Portable Refrigeration

Commercial businesses require heavy duty freezing equipment that go far beyond what you’d find in a grocery store or residential home. Depending on the size of the freezer, you can only sustain below zero temperatures with freezing units capable of over 100,000 BTUs.

The portable blast freezers we make are the industry’s most powerful (-30F ) and are easy to adjust to preserve either fresh or frozen products. This is something you can accomplish several ways:

  • Shock Freezers
  • Blast Freezers
  • Other Alternatives to Tunnel/Plate Freezing Systems

Plus, our portable freezing units fit several business needs. The next section illustrates just a few commercial or industrial examples.

Which Industries Benefit Most from Our Blast Freezing Equipment?


If you manage a food-processing plant, then you probably know what it’s like when a refrigeration unit fails. The cargo will be foul-smelling, and you might lose well over 10,000 pounds of product. MPR can help you!

Pharmacy Products

Then there are numerous pharmaceutical drugs, especially expensive injectables, that must remain cold. This includes insulin, Botox, vaccines, Humira, and many others. 

Ice Cream

Perhaps this is the most obvious, but the typical travel temperature for ice cream is between 0 degrees and -13 degrees Fahrenheit. If the truck’s refrigeration fails, even intermittently, you’ll be shipping spoiled milk to unsatisfied customers.

Baked Goods

We proudly serve baking companies, like Ardalin foods, with outstanding blast freezing equipment. Pastries, cakes, and bagels are among the most sensitive food products. One shift in temperature (too hot or cold) could leave you with something unsafe to eat.


It’s also crucial to keep cannabis products at the proper temperature. The normal storage temps are in the 60s or low 70s, but MPR provides blast freezing for the cannabis industry delivering great results when extracting.

If you’d like to better safeguard your perishable products and merchandise, then you need Modern Portable Refrigeration. We make blast freezers capable of sustaining temperatures as low as -30F degrees. Discover how we can help you blast freeze all year long by contacting us at 860-990-2661.

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