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How Does a Blast Chiller Work?

Posted by MPR on May 15, 2023

Blast chilling technology is one of our specialties at Modern Portable Refrigeration. It’s a tremendous innovation that allows food and beverage producers to get their products cold way faster without freezing it. This provides so many critical business advantages, including a better opportunity to process inventory through packaging plants exponentially faster than in decades past.

Check out this brief introduction to how blast chilling works, including the reliable equipment we produce for several manufacturing industries.

Define: Blast Chilling

A blast chiller (sometimes called “flash freezer”) allows you to lower the temperature of raw or packaged materials faster and still safely. You’ll see these chillers with various compartments, shelves, food pans, and so forth. They chill products by blowing forced cooled air onto them for a specific duration and at an appropriate temperature.

You can do this with products in any condition (hot, room temperature, or already chilled). It involves a rapid-cooling process, which chills food items without allowing ice crystals to form.

Ice crystallization, the result of traditional icing or freezing, decreases product shelf life once the product defrosts. That’s why there’s a significant quality gap between “fresh” and “frozen” food - because those ice crystals release moisture throughout the product, making it more vulnerable to bacteria and spoilage.

Advantages to Blast Chilling

  • Maintain higher food quality much longer.
  • Decrease the total plate count for bacterial growth on products.
  • Cool everything quicker, allowing you to expedite facility progress.
  • Keep foods in the “safe range” between 40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • It allows foods to retain more nutrients.
  • You can even use this technology to chill ice cream without ruining the taste through ice crystallization.

How Blast Chilling Differs from Freezing

Freezers serve many important purposes as well, but here we must distinguish between two objectives: 1) Quickly Chilling Products (Blast Chillers), versus 2) Keeping Products at or Below Freezing.

Freezers lack the capacity to change product temps fast, and they merely take them down to a set temperature. On its own, freezing doesn’t have the potential for preserving food quality the same way, either. 

Blast Chilling & Freezing Equipment from Modern Portable Refrigeration

Modern Portable Refrigeration can help you bolster your meat plant, bakery, ice cream shop, or any other facility with better chilling and freezing equipment. We invite you to browse our website, where you’ll find effective solutions such as:

  • Commercial Blast Freezers
  • Holding Freezers
  • Storage & Holding Refrigeration Systems
  • Ultra Low Temp Freezing (as cold as -85 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Portable Refrigeration Units (for transit)
  • Customizable Freezers
  • . . . and more!

If your manufacturing or food-processing facility could use an equipment upgrade like these, then we hope you’ll partner with Modern Portable Refrigeration. This is your opportunity to reduce spoilage complaints, freezer malfunctions, expensive electrical bills from inefficient machinery, and other hassles.

Contact us anytime to learn more about first-class freezing products by calling 860-990-2661.

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