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How Blast Freezing Can Improve Your Pharmaceutical Laboratory

Posted by MPR on May 31, 2023

Blast freezing technology has a ton of effective applications, including everything from meat production to ice cream preservation. It’s not all about food and beverages, though.

Do you run a pharmaceutical production company and NEED reliable ways to keep delicate samples and products cold?

If so, then let us introduce you to our first-class blast-freezing equipment. Here’s how it works and why we make the industry’s best chillers and freezers.

What is Blast Freezing?

Commercial blast freezing is the quickest, safest, and most effective way to chill products without allowing the contents to crystallize. The crystallization effect, endemic to any traditional freezing process, exposes the product to faster spoilage and quality deterioration. Our heavy-duty freezing equipment can get your pharmaceutical samples cold without the harmful moisture release that would compromise various protein structures.

Why Does Blast Freezing Help Pharmaceutical Makers?

  1. More Effective Preservation
    • Blast freezing is an ideal method for any liquid substance. Does your facility have to handle blood or plasma safely? Then you won’t want to freeze them the old-fashioned way. The rapid chilling approach does the job better and reduces the need to discard corrupted samples later (which can become a major cost factor).
  2. More “Even” Cooling Systems
    • Traditional heating and cooling systems have no way to control “cold spots” or “hot spots.” However, with blast freezing, you’ll enjoy a much more even and uniform chill over every cubic centimeter of product.
  3. It’s Way More Efficient
    • Do you work in a fast-paced facility and have to meet difficult transport deadlines? Then you can’t afford to wait 12 hours for something to chill or freeze. Instead, select our blast freezing equipment to get products cold in a fraction of the time.
  4. Enjoy Longer Lifespan
    • Everything runs much smoother when you can keep pharmaceutical products fresh without deep freezing them. It’s time to switch to rapid freezing technology that works faster without all the crystallization drawbacks.

Select from an Array of Blast Freezers with Modern Portable Refrigeration

Modern Portable Refrigeration makes portable and permanent blast/shock freezers available to either rent or buy. This gives your company the chance to freeze and preserve expensive inventory inside your facility AND on the road with portable equipment.

Modern Portable Refrigeration offers thorough and dependable freezing and chilling solutions for pharmaceutical companies, meat processors, bakeries, and other industries. This is what we’ve done for clients, like Dupont and UPS, for over three decades. Call us anytime to learn more about product details at 860-990-2661.

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