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Ever wondered about the ins and outs of commercial blast freezers? Modern Portable Refrigeration's FAQ is here to help! Whether you're curious about how fast they freeze, what kind of food they're best for, or if renting might be a good option, we've got the answers you need. Dive in and get the scoop on blast freezers!

Why Choose Modern Portable Refrigeration?

Because we offer an array of effective blast freezing and portable freezing solutions for clients with various purposes. We carry freezing units with enough power to freeze thousands of pounds of products within just a few hours. This is an indispensable utility for industries such as food production, pharmaceuticals, seafood, and much more.

What Are Your Service Areas?

While we operate out of Sarasota, Florida, our products can ship to anywhere across America. We supply clients with blast freezers, available to either rent or own.

What Sizes Do You Offer for Your Products?

This, of course, depends on the freezing method you select. We can customize our equipment to accommodate almost any modern industrial setting. On our custom doors and floors page, you’ll notice several options for three-foot to six-foot door clearances. Then there are also several materials options, including aluminum rung and diamond plate flooring.

Do You Offer Ground Level and Dock Level Units?

Yes, we supply both types. Our portable units can go inside a facility, attach to a truck, or lay flat on outdoor terrain.

What Temperature Capacity Do Your Products Achieve?

We offer numerous temperature capacities, all the way down to -85 degrees (AKA Ultra Low Temp Freezing). These and other freezer units achieve low temperatures, quicker than industry standards, on the strength of over 190,000 BTUs of power.

What Type of Power Do Your Products Require?

Our blast freezers are electric, whereas other competitors may use diesel, MPR chooses the more ECO-friendly option. Every unit we produce requires 230-volt or 480-volt power.

Are Your Units Designed for Temporary or Permanent Storage?

Both temporary and permanent freezing can be achieved with our refrigeration systems (dependent on selection). You can utilize us for cold storage during transportation and for other portable purposes. We make three types of portable containers: 
1) Ground level 20′ refrigerated containers, 
2) Ground level 40′ refrigerated containers, and 
3) Customizable door/floor options.

Are Units Ready to Use Upon Delivery?

Yes, as long as you possess a sufficient power source and the space to furnish them.
MPR blast freezers do require a one-day setup and install at your location in order to freeze 20,000 lbs per day.

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