Tunnel Freezer Alternatives

Tunnel freezing is currently seen as a best practice in many production applications. Bringing along with that a very high price tag for implementation, this can sometimes be unfriendly to the budget. Here at MPR we bring you our blast freezer, the ShockFreezer, as a solid and cost-effective tunnel freezing alternative.

Offering large capacity blast freezers for alternatives to tunnel freezing applications or plate freezing applications. Ultimately, even on equipment cost alone, all of our blast freezer solutions will increase the bottom line and enhance your operation. The Shock Freezer will freeze approximately 1000 lbs per hour placing it into the same performance category as a tunnel freezer or a plate freezer at a small fraction of the cost.

Our ShockFreezer is an immensely powerful blast freezer. Producing 190,000 BTUs at -30F, it is the most powerful system we’ve ever built. This unit moves 25,000 CFM of air to maximize air flow for that fast pull down of your product. Providing 20 tons of freezing capacity, if you want to cut production time in half, there’s only one blast freezer choice; the ShockFreezer by MPR.

As an example, a northeastern seafood distributor is utilizing one of our on site blast freezers. They completely froze over 3000 pounds of whole cooked lobster within 3 hours. A side by side comparison with this customers Nitrogen Freezer was done and they unanimously preferred the quality of Freeze utilizing the Shock Freezer. This is possible because each unit is custom built to fit your specifications.