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What is the Blast Freezer’s Working Principle?

Blast freezing is a terrific technology that allows food producers, medicine suppliers, and other critical businesses to freeze or chill products faster and safer. This is an instrumental way to get meats and other foods cold, avoid microbial growth, extend shelf life, and improve quality. How Does Blast Freezing Work? If you want to comprehend […]

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MPR: Offering the Most Powerful Portable Blast Freezers in the US

Do you own or manage a meat-packing or food-service business and need more reliable freezing and refrigeration equipment? Whether you make ice cream, process beef/poultry, or need to transport temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, you can’t afford to play guessing games with your trucks’ reefer units. Thankfully, there’s a more consistent and reliable way to keep products cold […]

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