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Savor the Season: Guide to Blast Freezing for Christmas Seafood Feasts

As the festive season approaches, the culinary spotlight often turns to the bounties of the sea, and there's no better way to elevate your Christmas feast than by incorporating the freshest seafood. Modern Portable Refrigeration, with over 35 years of refrigeration expertise, is here to guide you on how to make the most of your […]

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Get Ready for the Holiday Shipping Rush with Modern Portable Refrigeration

The holiday season is upon us, and businesses are gearing up for the busiest time of the year. Whether you're in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, or any other field that requires the use of gel packs for shipping, having your gel packs ready in time is crucial. Modern Portable Refrigeration is here to help you […]

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Why Blast Freezing is Essential for High-Quality Fish

Blast freezing is a terrific way to keep seafood fresher and tastier for much longer. If you know anything about how this freezing process was developed, it actually came from the fishing industry. Our refrigeration company specializes in blast or “flash” freezing equipment that you can use for an array of preservation purposes. Today, we’d […]

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Stay Ahead of the Holidays: Why Renting Blast Freezers is a Game-Changer for Your Business

As we approach the holiday season, businesses are gearing up for the busiest and most profitable time of the year. For those in the food industry, especially those dealing with poultry for Thanksgiving and Christmas, efficient and reliable freezing and storage solutions are paramount. This is where Modern Portable Refrigeration, and specifically our commercial blast […]

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Why Blast Freezing Is a Game-Changer for Commercial Catering

There are plenty of ways to leverage this effective preservative process at every stage of the game, and for several production and service purposes. This includes commercial catering, a highly lucrative operation for many small, medium, and large food prep businesses. Of course, with food service and catering, you need all the help you can […]

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Say Goodbye to Extra Work with a Blast Chiller

As you already know, we’re major proponents of blast-chilling technology, especially for large-scale food, drink, and pharmaceutical production. While there are many effective ways to keep products cold, and each have their purpose, blast chillers have been very lucrative for high-volume companies for about a century. There are many advantages to using the “flash” freezing […]

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Enhance Your Product Quality with Blast Freezing

Are you aware of the abundant advantages of investing in blast freezing for your food, beverage, or pharmaceutical company? This has become the preferred method for preserving foods without altering the raw materials or putting you at risk for more spoilage during the storage and shipping processes. We’d like to review some of the best […]

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Three Industries That Benefit from Blast Freezing & Frozen Storage

Blast freezing and frozen food storage are two essential elements for several diverse industries and sectors. Whether you’re trying to preserve large quantities of beef, pork, seafood, and poultry, or need to keep medicines from spoiling, this technology fulfills many needs. Today, we’d like to highlight the most common industries we serve, and why they […]

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The Safety of Blast Freezers

Food safety is a top concern among meat processors, bakeries, and other companies who come to us in search of better freezing equipment. It makes perfect sense, too. Frankly, if product safety wasn’t such a big deal, why else would we need to chill or freeze perishable items in the first place? Here’s a reminder […]

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Don’t Just Freeze It, Blast It!

Blast freezing is the way modern production facilities freeze and preserve significant volumes of product, making them safer to consume even months afterward. This technology allows food manufacturers to bypass the crystallization process of traditional freezing, and get product temperatures cold, without losing quality. This is also a terrific way to minimize spoilage troubles. The […]

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