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Blast Freezers: How Are They Useful?

Posted by MPR on April 22, 2024

As you may already know, we serve a plethora of industries with dependable blast freezing equipment. It supports everything from meat processors and pharmaceutical manufacturers to bakeries and seafood shops, allowing them to preserve products longer. It also prevents several negative side effects of traditional wet-ice freezing (such as loss of fresh taste).

Are you a business owner or manager who needs to replace outdated cold-chain equipment in a factory or retail location? If so, then we’d like to introduce you to a few of the many ways to use blast freezing.

Blast Freezing in a Nutshell

What is blast freezing?

It’s a flash-freezing method, where products are frozen much faster thanks to heavy-duty technology. This comes with the advantage of avoiding the crystallization that occurs whenever products thaw again (using traditional chilling techniques). If you can avoid that, then it’s easier to preserve product texture, limit bacterial exposure, and lengthen shelf life.

Wonderful Ways to Use Blast Freezing

  1. Preserve Expensive Medicines - If you know anything about insulin and other medicinal products, then you’re aware of how vulnerable they are to temperature problems. Blast freezing can reduce the chance of spoilage by rapidly lowering the temperature, which better prepares everything for shipping.
  2. Food Manufacturing - Bacterial overgrowth and spoilage are enormous dangers for food safety, and manufacturing plants battle against them every day. That’s why many companies have turned to us for blast-freezing solutions to help with harvesting, processing, and delivering chicken, turkey, beef, fish, vegetables, and more.
  3. Restaurants - It’s not just the processing plants that need blast freezing for food. Restaurants and supermarkets use this technology often as well. It allows them to store their products, even onsite, for several weeks at a time (without compromising quality).
  4. Scientific Specimens - For scientific purposes, it’s very important to chill or freeze certain research samples. Without reliable preservation methods, many important research projects would be much more difficult in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, and beyond.

Explore Modern Portable Refrigeration’s Best Blast Freezing Equipment

Perhaps best of all, you can partner with us to either rent or purchase a blast freezer. That first option works well if you aren’t sure whether you wish to use this equipment long-term. Of course, once you see the results it delivers, we bet you’ll want to buy blast freezing as a permanent solution to spoilage issues in your plant.

Modern Portable Refrigeration wants to help you preserve your poultry, beef, pork, seafood, medicine, or even ice cream longer with more durable blast freezers, holding freezers, and more. If you’d like to learn more about specific models and rates, then please contact us at 860-990-2661 for prompt customer service.

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