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Are you a plant manager at a beef or poultry facility, and need solutions to spoilage issues?

While there are many aspects to a factory’s “cold chain,” much of your trouble can be resolved by updating some of your freezing equipment. This can be everything from the reefer units on your shipping trucks to the chilling equipment for tray-packed meat. We’d like to preview you on some ways we assist beef/poultry plants with superior freezing technology.

Several Cold Storage Options for Beef & Poultry Sites

Your site may need any of the following to get meat products cold quickly.

  • Commercial Blast Freezers - the fastest way to chill tens of thousands of pounds of meat (without crystallization or other negative side effects)
  • Ground Level 20′ Refrigerated Containers - electric powered for temps below 0, and up to 75 degrees.
  • Ground Level 40′ Refrigerated Containers - for even more clearance
  • Custom Refrigeration Containers - for all other sizes of door, entrances, and other dimensions.

Finally, you may need long-term cold storage for frozen products, particularly those destined for overseas commerce. That’s why we also carry ultra-low-temp freezers, which allow you to hold on to frozen items much longer. Those freezers can get products all the way down to -85 degrees.

Benefits of Blast Freezing for Meat Plants

Whether your plant processes chicken, beef, turkey, or other livestock, our equipment could help you achieve better product conditions, ward off spoilage, and even make things run smoother. Here are some of the primary reasons meat companies come to us for freezing technology.


  • Blast freezing is the most advanced way to chill almost anything, while avoiding bacterial accumulation.
  • You can extend product shelf lives for any type of meat.
  • It’s more cost-effective because it expedites the freezing phase of your plant’s process.
  • Far superior to traditional “wet ice” or “dry ice” preservation methods.
  • We offer both rental and purchasing opportunities, giving you the chance to experiment before making a permanent decision.

Discover More About Our Superior Beef & Poultry Freezing Technology

Would you like to learn more about specific freezing units, including ones customized to fit your business location?

Modern Portable Refrigeration looks forward to helping you find better cold storage solutions for your beef or poultry facility. Contact us anytime to schedule a consultation by calling 860-990-2661.

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