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Baked Goods

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Even bakeries and baked goods manufacturers have a substantial need for freezing technology. Today’s baked products travel long distances from where they’re made to the stores where they’re sold. This requires you to have the proper equipment to keep such perishable products at safe temperatures (with the goal of extending shelf life).

Reasons to Choose Us for Baked Goods Refrigeration

  1. Enjoy convenient and user-friendly ways to store dough, yeast, and other ingredients.
  2. Halt the overgrowth of mold and other harmful bio-organisms, which adulterate baked goods.
  3. Preserve product quality → especially freshness, flavor, and shelf life.
  4. Rely less on questionable preservative ingredients.
  5. Reduce the volume of stale bread and other baked products.
  6. Better reefer units also allow you to save money because they use electricity more efficiently than older models.
  7. Keep your clients/customers happy (whether you serve bakeries, other businesses, or consumers directly).

First-Class Services from Modern Portable Refrigeration

How does Modern Portable Refrigeration help baked-good makers and retailers maintain their products in top condition?

Our dependable refrigeration units, powered by electricity, allow you to control temperatures in accordance to product requirements. 

Then, our simple digital push-button controls make it faster and easier to refrigerate or freeze your baked products between 0 deg F and 40 deg F. Finally, you won’t lose track of things thanks to the GPS tracking and monitoring gear, making lost inventory a thing of the past.

You can revolutionize your blast freezing with our Shock Freezer, the industry's most powerful system. At a staggering 190,000 BTUs, it chills products down to -30°F with unmatched speed thanks to its 25,000 CFM airflow, cutting your production time in half. This powerhouse boasts a massive 20-ton capacity, making it the perfect solution for high-volume freezing. Don't settle for anything less, choose the Shock Freezer.

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If you already know you wish to upgrade your freezing or storage equipment but aren’t sure whether to rent or buy, just remember we give you several options. Our baked goods clients come to us for either renting or purchasing all the time. This means you can test something in your facility before making a long-term decision.

It’s time to eliminate wasted baked goods once and for all with superior technology. Modern Portable Refrigeration can assist with this endeavor. If you’d like to learn more about specific installation services, then please reach us anytime by calling 860-990-2661.

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