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Specializing in large capacity blast freezers, shock freezers, tunnel freezer alternatives, and plate freezing alternatives. All of our blast freezer solutions will increase the bottom line and enhance your operation.

The Best in Modern Portable Refrigeration

Modern Portable Refrigeration is here for all of your refrigeration needs. Our dedication to customer service is second to none, from site visits to over-the-phone tech support, we are on call to serve the needs of our customers.

With over 35 years of refrigeration experience, you can rest assured that Modern Portable Refrigeration will provide the best service, and quality experience, available today. We can provide rental freezers, blast freezers, batch freezers, or any type of custom setup you need. We are currently offering units ranging from a 15HP batch freezer, all the way to our all-powerful 40FT ShockFreezer.

We believe something all customers should make sure of before moving forward with almost anything is credentials and licensing. It gives you the customer piece of mind that we truly are professionals. Here is our Unlimited Contractor License for Refrigeration, Heating, Cooling, & Piping – S1-4041787.

See What Separates Modern Portable Refrigeration From The Rest

Modern Portable Refrigeration’s ShockFreezer is truly a one-of-a-kind blast freezer. Producing 200,000 BTUs, it is truly the most powerful system we’ve ever built. This unit moves 25,000 CFM of air to maximize airflow for that fast pull-down of your product. Providing 20 tons of freezing capacity, if you truly want to cut production time in half, there’s only one blast freezer choice; the ShockFreezer by Modern Portable Refrigeration.

The Shock Freezer will freeze approximately 1000 lbs per hour placing it into the same performance category as a tunnel freezer or a plate freezer at a small fraction of the cost.

In fact, one of our pleased customers, a northeastern seafood distributor, is utilizing one of our on-site blast freezers. They completely froze over 3000 pounds of whole-cooked lobster within 3 hours. Quality control constructed a side-by-side comparison with this customer's Nitrogen Freezer and they unanimously preferred the quality of Freeze utilizing the Shock Freezer. This is possible because each unit is custom-built to fit your specifications.

Stop outsourcing your Blast Freezing! Freeze quickly and efficiently up to 20,000 lbs daily.

Industrial Blast Freezers

We Offer Maximum Portability And Flexibility At Any Facility

You have the option to use our unit free standing, on a chassis, inside your facility, or on a dock.

Receive Full Customization With MPR's Blast Freezers

Doors: Double swing doors, roll-up door, easy open 5ft door, standard freezer walk-in doors.

Lights: Standard or LED

Floors: Aluminum run

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Commercial Blast Freezers

Specializing in large-capacity blast freezers, shock freezers, tunnel freezer alternatives, and plate freezing alternatives. All of our blast freezer solutions will increase the bottom line and enhance your operation.

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Refrigeration Storage & Holding Freezers 

Our refrigerated containers and walk-in coolers provide secure, temperature-controlled storage solutions for a variety of cold storage applications.

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Blaster Freezer Rental & Sales

MPR offers the highest quality and most powerful portable blast freezing technology in North America. We at MPR have established ourselves as the number 1 choice for portable BLAST FREEZER rentals.

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Ultra Low Temp -85 Fahrenheit Freezers

We also have Ultra Low Temp -85 portable freezers. This type of freezer is most ideal in the Pharmaceutical industry, but can also be utilized in other industries . Contact us for more information today.

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